Monday, 9 June 2014

Swinton Insurance Shadow Skills Challenge

So, I'm really excited to share this mini-challenge with you.

The good people at Swinton Insurance have recently released a new TV ad featuring Britain's Got Talent winners, Attraction. At this point I must confess to not knowing who they were until now since I don't watch the show but having investigated - what they do is really rather lovely.

In conjunction with this, Swinton sent me a shadow puppet theatre kit free of charge which I have been able to keep. My boy and I were so excited to receive the kit and we were absolutely blown away when it arrived. I've never seen anything like this - it's beautiful quality and just such a gorgeous toy to capture the imagination of children. That's exactly what happened.....N was so taken with the mini theatre that he is now putting on daily performances. We always used to make shadow animals on the bedroom wall at night time but this is somewhat more impressive as you can see!

The main kit contains a piece of linen with the theatre scene printed upon it, and a selection on puppets. They are skilfully cut out of thick, black card and mounted on mini dowels to hold and place them. On the back of the clothe there are a couple of slots where you could place a scenery piece and then have your hands free to move the characters around.

I have my lovely husband to thank for these pictures since I was busy behind the scenes with the director.

N chose the set of puppets which came with the fabric and also the 'fairytale' set. Daddy very much enjoyed listening to our story and N really got into the swing of things - he was so excited he spent a lot of time running out front to see the beautiful shadows for himself.

Gorgeous packaging

So neatly put together 
The forest scenes and castle or village on a hill pieces set the scene beautifully and we have the very familiar characters; the witch, the fairy, the dragon, the king, the princess, the donkey and the knight and a funny little man. The other kit was a circus one including ring master, acrobats and performers, and the perfect scenery. The third set is Paris - the Eiffel tower, a jazz musician, the perfect scenery for a delightful Parisian adventure.

Our story saw the princess captured by the mean witch and rescued by the knight at the King's request. The fairy provides a little magical help and even the dragon turns to the good side to help out. Donkey and the Knight save the princess, the witch is forgiven and the little man marries the young couple in front of the castle. 

That is not the end of our story however because the princess decides that she would rather become a vet and help all the animals in the forest because sitting on a throne is a bit boring - so that's exactly what she does while her husband, the knight works as head of security at the castle. Bonus points to my boy for his feminist slant on a fairy story I think!

This was so much fun and I'm not sure where you could buy such a kit but I urge you to investigate since this is one of those toys which gets the whole family on board- a proper, old-fashioned game to enjoy, a different story every time and hours of fun for years to come I would imagine.

Thanks Swinton Insurance!

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  1. This looks so much fun!! Bless N for his fantastic fairytale ending; I hope the vet and her security guard live happily ever after :) xxx


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