Sunday, 30 March 2014

Superheroes Assemble!!

Calling all superheroes!!!  
My boy waiting patiently for his party

bunting and balloons
My gorgeous boy is growing up and last week was his fourth birthday. We celebrated by holding a superhero party in his honour - the theme was his choice and a jolly good one I think. I put my thinking cap on and came up with some pretty cool ideas (if I do say so myself!) and the day went off without a hitch  - perfect!

This was the first year where we had a celebration purely for his little friends, in the past we have had family get togethers but this year was full-on kids' party action. So the first thing on the list was of course invitations. Having designed some really cool ones it was of course sods law that our printer decided to break as I tried to print them which also scuppered my plans for some cool decorations. Thankfully there are so many awesome free printables all over the internet now meaning the possibilities are endless.

House decorated
We did manage to print some invitations from this handy site and our boy loved them! Guest list organised, invitations delivered and RSVPs received I set about planning the party games.

Firstly I decided to have on standby the old faithful musical statues only this would be musical superhero statues where everyone has to freeze in a superhero pose. Next I chose another twist on a classic party game with pin the spider on the spiderman...I used a posted from a magazine and drew some different spiders.

Finally I went super old school and bought loads of cans of silly string - FUN!! I bought a special gun attachment since little fingers weren't quite strong enough to press the nozzle on the can. I cut out some pictures of superhero villans from a selection of old editions of superhero comic magazines which my boy had - my nemesis, the broken printer, wouldn't stop me this time! (Maybe I'm getting too into this?!)

The children had sooooo much fun doing this - it was a total hit!

When I asked my boy what kind of cake he would like he asked for an Iron Man cake. Now, me being me, I couldn't just make any old simple Iron Man cake - no, I decided that I would make an Iron Man cake complete with light up Arc Reactor (chest light thing-y). Off to Amazon I went and found a cool, motion activated cupboard light which I though would be perfect for the job. After having a mini-panic (read Major panic!) that I had bitten off more than I could chew I was back on track and made a two-tier cake.

The top tier (mask) was a two layer vanilla sponge filled with buttercream and the base (chest) tier was a two-layer chocolate sponge again filled with buttercream. I hollowed out a section for the light and iced the bottom layer according to the old school Iron Man suit (from the comics and cartoons) then I inserted dowls into the top which would help to support the top tier. I decorated the top tier and positioned onto the base. Then I covered the joins and tidied the whole thing up. I was so happy that this came out as well as I had hoped - especially since, as usual, I was making it up as I go along! The children were thrilled I think the light definitely impressed - PHEW!

For the rest of the food I made Batman ham sandwiches and Thor hammer snacks - aka - cheddar blocks on mini breadsticks. There were also carrot sticks, cucumber sticks and hula hoops. I made cinnamon palmiers and Viennese fingers for the adults as well as meringue kisses as a gluten-free treat for a guest with Coeliac disease. 

Next came the subject of party bag/going home gifts/party favour type things.....again I had what I thought was a great idea - again, I had a mini-panic at the scale of what I was planning but after some soothing words and cups of tea from my lovely husband I was fine and it all worked out perfectly. 

I made each child their very own superhero cape, complete with their initial on the back - I was very happy with how these turned out. I bought some cheap and cheerful dress lining fabric from eBay in a selection of colours and set to work. The fasten at the neck with velcro. The children all looked so cute in them and I think it was a nice touch and something just a bit different. 
So, after lots of games and food, playing both inside and out, upstairs and down - it was time to say goodbye and let the clean up commence - oh yes and the drinking of gin!!!!

But wait, there's just one more thing. This party was held on the Sunday at our house and my boy's actual birthday was the Tuesday after and he was at nursery school that day which meant that he needed to take some treats in for all his other friends.....cue one more moment of mini panic when I remembered this on Monday afternoon and my boy requested a Captain America cake!!! I knew I was catering to up to 30 children and teachers so it seemed logical to go with one big cake and not lots of cupcakes - that way I couldn't get the numbers wrong and no one would miss out. So, here we go again - a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream cleverly disguised as Captain America's shield. They ate the lot so we can assume they all liked it! 

Thank goodness there's a whole year before his next birthday - oh, and thank goodness for the gin!!!!


  1. YOU. ARE. A. GENIUS!!! This honestly looks like the best party in the whole world. I'm having my (not fourth) birthday party next Saturday, and now want to recreate this entirely. Can I hire you to be my party planner/cake baker for the day? :p xxx

  2. What a blooming awesome party! You are such a lovely clever stick - well done you! My hubby was mega jealous as he is a bit superhero nut. Awesome awesome awesome! xxx


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