Saturday, 1 March 2014

My Mini Kitchen Makeover

Now, I should clarify - it's the makeover that's mini - not the kitchen - although thinking about it the kitchen isn't that big really, but not 'mini'.....I've not actually come to discuss the size of my kitchen have you?!

So, my kitchen is lovely (and more than adequate size-wise) but I absolutely hate the colour scheme we've inherited! The tiles are bright red and the cupboards are weird pale teal sort of colour - I just really don't think it goes together. There's no question of being able to re-do the whole thing - it would be a nightmare, not to mention how much it would cost. So what do you do when you hate your colour scheme but have to live with it?! Well, if you're me - you embrace it - you go with it - you make it work, get crafty and hit the sales!! Now we're talking - shopping and crafting sounds much more fun than grouting and plastering.

Here's the kitchen before - messy, mis-matched and dark!

I decided that my main problem with the colours was that they didn't feel planned, so I needed to make it look more intentional by picking up the colours in other areas to join it together - decorative accessories are the order of the day. At the time (I started this back in the new year) Debenhams were having a homewares sale and they had some gorgeous things and luckily some that were perfect for me!

Starting with storage jars. I don't like things to be too matchy and I loved these - they pick out the red and teal well but hint at other colours too. Phase one complete! I also had decided to chose some fabric to make bunting with but then I found 4 metres of this in the sale for £12 and knew I would spend more making it so I snapped this up and it's the perfect colour combo - lovely stuff.

At this point I have to say sorry for the photos but, we have a lot of stuff and personally I like the 'lived-in' look - it's a fine line between cluttered and lived-in so some of you may feel there's too much junk around but then I suppose that's ok because you don't have to live here! Basically, I don't know the meaning of the word minimalist!!

Next, I found this gorgeous oilcloth online and decided to use it to line the shelves, easy to wipe clean and much more interesting than white paint (which marks far too easily). I cut it to size, and stuck it down using double-sided tape and then scotch tape underneath. This way nothing's permanent so if i change my mind (as I'm prone to do!) it won't have ruined the surface underneath - good thinking huh?!

As you can see I also whipped up a little crocheted flower garland. I like this one a lot (you may even see something similar on my Etsy Shop soon)

Here's the shelf on the other side - again crammed with stuff and complete with a pom pom garland I made (any excuse to play with the pom-pom maker again!)

Spot the Tesco biscuit tin - very cute - great colours

I even covered the window ledge. Rearranged some bits and added some flower fairy lights (fairy lights are always a good choice!)
Finally, we added a few touches....

Washi taped the frame for my cross stitch
I hate this frame - the wrong shape but we're embracing the change

Love this blackboard sticker! Washi tape accents
Bought a big roll from Amazon with free chalk
My two fave aprons and some pics of my boy :)

 So, it's not perfect but I'm so happy with the difference which is remarkable. The whole room has a different vibe and we love it! The colour scheme definitely works now and I don't mind it at all.

The whole thing cost around £45 so I'm certainly happy about that part! Now to get baking in my happy kitchen :) I may finally have worked out my salted caramel cake recipe so watch this space!

That's all folks.


  1. The oilcloth you've used on the shelves is lovely :) I'm definitely more the shop-and-craft type than the decorating type. It's much more fun! Looking forward to the recipe- happy baking! xxx

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