Monday, 4 November 2013

What I've been up to September/October

As promised, I have not left it so long this time and I'm here now with a few (quite a lot) photos to sum up what's being happening over the last couple of months - aside from the opening of my little shop Handicrafts of Nnon - I told you about that right? I know, I know, I just wanted to make sure everyone knows - sorry - back to the photos - aaaaannnnddddd - go!

We ended the summer with some makes - a new hat for the winter, (first time I've made a hat - pretty proud) a robot costume known as the NICOTRON 3000 - he loved this so much - awesome! Lastly a new cushion cover to practice some crochet and use these cute wooden buttons.

We also went for a day trip to Peppa Pig World which was actually really good. I highly recommend it if you can stomach the cost (it's not more expensive than its counterparts but I just think they are all overpriced!) We went on a day when it was rainy and grey which was great as I think it was less busy. We went on every single ride, spent too much in the gift shop and had a thoroughly brilliant time!!!

Some inlaws 50th anniversary cake which I  made for their party. A pink and girly cake to celebrate the birth of my best friend's baby. A pumpkin pie as a birthday "cake" for my lovely husband -  his favourite and the first time I've made it - from scratch too, none of this pumpkin in a can for us. Lastly a yummy coffee and walnut layer cake to celebrate the final of Great British Bake Off - come on - we all know it was an important day - either that or you actually don't need a reason for cake!!

Been learning some new crochet

Displaying my Instagrams - this makes me smile!

My mum's lovely dog

The weather's turned

Dog-sitting for my mum

Playing in the castle grounds

Wheee----- playground fun

Iron Man !! Favourite costume and how we dressed for Hallowe'en 

Well...we went out for my Dad's birthday and I'll take any opportunity to get dressed up since they don't happen too often - here I am ready to go..scrub up ok I suppose

There you have it.....far too many photos really but at least you're up to speed and now we can move on and get with the times!! I've some lovely reviews coming up soon for you all.


  1. You look beautiful; your waist is so tiny (despite all that delicious looking cake! :) ) Sounds like a very busy few months. Glad to see you've managed to fit in some relaxing "me" time to learn some cool crochet too xxx

    1. You're too kind lovely :) The secrets that a good peplum style top can hide eh?!!! It has been a good month thank you, hope all's well with you. xxx


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