Tuesday, 25 June 2013


There's a lot to get through today since things have been pretty full on of late so let's get stuck in....

I finally got signed up for Crafty Creatives and I was soooo excited when the box arrived (CCBox12).

So finally, I'm able to show you what I received. I'm so glad I took the plunge as the boxes are just as wonderful as I had hoped they would be - I know I've only had one but I was far too excited about the whole thing!

Here we are then....the pics you want to see..

Even the packaging is gorgeous!

This box's theme is cakes and sweeties - something you all know I love!! Perfect for my first box :)

There's a recipe card inside for yummy-sounding sweet treats from Great British Bake Off's Cathryn  Honestly - it doesn't get more perfect than this!!

Look at the lovely cross stitch kit (there's some sort of kit in each box). It has everything you need and I'm excited to get cracking with this mini project. I haven't done any cross stitch since Christmas!!

Just look at that gorgeous fabric - vintage in style with beautiful pictures and actual recipes!! I'm thinking I might make this into a little apron - I know it's the obvious choice but just think how cute it would be!!

I can't believe how much was inside - cardstock, illustrations, M&M cabochons, lollipops, cupcake ribbon, fluted heart-shaped cutter, brightly coloured beads, ice cream cone buttons, luggage tags.

Seriously - everyone should get these - it's like mini Xmas every month. I'll be sure to keep you posted with what I end up making with my goodies!

Now, speaking of making things - here's a little something I came up with. It's not really like I made it - I just took things I already had and put them together - I love it when inspiration strikes!

This is in fact a very expensive real python skin purse which I bought back in the days when I had disposable income and an Accessorize necklace - chain links with ribbon threaded through it.  I hung the chain under the coin flap and closed it over to keep it in place as a shoulder strap. My new bag actually fits my phone inside as well as obviously acting as a purse. It sits just under my shoulder and is actually a great size for when I don't want to lug around a huge tote. I love my new bag!

Ok, so last but not least - this is probably the most important news I have - we have found a new home and it finally seems as though everything is falling into place!!! We move at the end of July so we can now go on our holiday with everything in place and I will actually be able to relax and enjoy it - apart from worrying about taking the little one on a plane for the first time. Now of course, I'm planning new interiors, new crafts and decorations. This calls for some new Pinterest boards (obviously!) why not check out the one for Nico's new room let me know what you think and please share any lovely ideas or projects you have.

What's new with all of you? Do let me know!!


  1. I so need to sign up for Crafty Creatives too!

  2. Fabulous news lovely, so pleased you have found somewhere fab and it has all fallen into place before holiday. Fantastic!! Now you can go and properly relax xxx

  3. Ohhh I think I will be signing up for these, a little Xmas every month sounds wonderful.

    Excellent news on finding a home. must be a relief!

  4. I am loving that crafty creatives box! So cute ;) xx


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