Friday, 14 June 2013

A birthday present to myself

So as you know it was my birthday a little while ago and I decided to buy myself a little present.

Now, I have been admiring so many pieces from Tatty Devine recently but this was only supposed to be a small gift so I had to avert my eyes from a lot of the shiny prettiness and stick to what I came for....the name necklace.....but should I go for my whole name? A nickname? Someone else's name?

When I was little it was very popular to wear a name necklace made up of a shoelace type of string with wooden beads threaded onto it. The beads were cubes with black letters on them spelling out your name. I really wanted one and eventually my mum let me have one but I was only allowed to wear it at home in case a stranger approached me, pretended to know my name and attempted to kidnap me (?!)

Unfortunately, this anecdote haunts me still and I was actually incapable of ordering one with my name on it. Instead I decided to go with my blog name and I love it!!! It's one of those things which is sort of horrible - in a way which makes you like it - if that makes any sense. I'm sure this is one of those situations for which the Danish have a word but where in English I was forced to spend a really long time boring you with this explanation. If there is a word for this sort of thing in English then please excuse my ignorance and do let me know!!

Now for the bit we've all been waiting for....look how pretty!!!

I love how the colour I chose, "shimmer," changes in different lights or when against backgrounds.

You can customise these necklaces in so many ways and the customer service was fabulous! It's only possible to order shorter words online so I phoned up. The lovely lady really helped and I even requested to have the second word offset which she kindly arranged for me. You can chose your colour, font, font size, chain colour - there are so many possibilities!!!

It's very pretty and I love it - I'm still not sure how I feel about being 30 though?!


  1. Ahh! It's so cool!!!! LOVE :) xxx

    ps you are fabulous and 30 :)

    1. Oh thanks lovely - you're too kind!! xx

  2. I've never seen that shimmer colour before; it's genius! Good choice of name too- it can be so hard to choose!

    My bestie and I decided to get two of these and wear each other's names. Not when we were 13... when we were 23/27 respectively *ahem*. We designed each other's names as we'd end up wearing it more; but it's nice to be able to swap too. Although, come to think of it, Fran's had both of them for ages now. Maybe I need another one... :) xxx

    1. I think the colour id part of a spring/summer collection - pretty isn't it!? That's a great idea with you and your friend - and I applaud you for making the choice as adults!! I've only just got mine and already I really want another one too!!! We're addicted xx

  3. Wow, Rhiannon! Our workshop girls fell in love with your Name Necklace when they were making it! We hope you love wearing it x

    1. Ahhh!! Can't believe the talented people at Tatty Devine commented on my little blog!! Thank you so much!!! That's very cool to know that you liked my choice! xxx


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