Thursday, 13 August 2015

Review - Beets BLU Wireless Body Fat Scale

I'm here today with a very exciting review......I know I've been promising you some changes around here and I can assure you that they are still coming but until I reveal said changes I can use this product review as a little clue to some topics which I will soon be discussing.

Without further ado - I present to you the Beets BLU Full Size Wireless Body Fat Scale.

[I was sent this product for the purposes of this review but as always you can rest assured that all the opinions stated are my own and this is an honest account of my experience with this product.]

First, let's discuss the difference between this type of scales and any old normal weighing scales. Well to start with, they aren't old and inaccurate like the ones which have lived in my bathroom for years! Also - look how pretty they are?!

Sorry about the feet!
So, aside from literally being shiny and new these scales can do more than just tell you how much you weigh. Here's comes the science bit....

You need to make sure that you have bare feet when using these scales as they send a pulse through your body which can determine an accurate breakdown of your bodyweight. But how? I hear you ask...this pulse travels differently through muscle, fat, bone, water etc and then the scales use a special algorithm to calculate your percentages and an overall BMI.

The scales were super easy to set up. They come with four AAA batteries and so all I had to do was pop them in and the scales worked (you can change the settings to whichever unit you prefer).

Next, I downloaded the free app from the AppStore and the scales automatically synched with my iPhone6+ through Bluetooth. (You can also get an App for Android phones and other iPhone models). You then set up your profile in the app by inputting your height, age etc. Seriously - this was so easy to set up.

Once synched, the scales communicated their findings to my phone. I could then see a clear breakdown of my weight. I have also set up my target percentages in my profile so I can track my progress towards my goals. You can even set up multiple accounts so other members of your household can use these scales too.

This type of scales are perfect for me as I have been weight training so much recently I now focus much less on my actual weight and much more on what makes up that number since muscle mass weighs more than fat. It definitely took me a while to accept that I was not going to see the number on the scales go down as I felt somewhat disheartened - but now I have these bad boys I once again get to see a number going down (the body fat) and also get overly excited when one of the numbers goes up (muscle mass).

So there you have it. You too could possess your very own set of these scales by purchasing them from Amazon.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Back from holiday

Hello you lovely lot,

Not much to see here today except a load of holiday pics from our recent trip back to our little apartment in Mallorca. It's wonderful to have had some sunshine and just to spend some precious family time together all having fun. I love making memories with the boy and discovering new fun things to do each time we escape to our island getaway.

Much as I love to travel I am a real homebird so I can't tell you how happy I am to be home. I don't even mind that it's done nothing but rain since it gives me the perfect excuse to curl up in my pjs with a blanket - perfick.

I have lots of new features coming soon on the site so I hope you will continue to stop by and ring in the changes with me but for now I will just leave you with the pics.

capsule wardrobe for the boy - loving the stripes!

leaving on a jet plane

the view from our home

if you like pina coladas

first night G&T to get in the holiday spirit

my loves sharing a laugh

me relaxing and watching the boats bobbing
Fun at the aquarium. My boy is so obsessed with all things under the sea. He never fails to amaze me at the best of times but he excelled himself during this visit by knowing the names of an incredible number of fish and animals. Not only did he know their names but he knew incredible facts about them - the things he remembers are awesome!
Maybe we have a budding marine biologist on our hands.

tropical paradise

My climbing baby was very brave and fearless at the brilliant climbing park we visited. SO. MUCH. FUN.

Pocket money purchase from the gift shop - cuddly starfish. Love this outfit on him!

Take off, in-flight and landing

Friday, 3 July 2015

NOTHS A Christmas Less Ordinary

Regular viewers need not adjust their is definitely July still - I can tell because as I write this I am sitting directly in front of a large fan and wearing very little clothing (easy now - this is still a family show!) and my phone tells me that even at 9pm it is still 25 degrees outside....

Yesterday I had a lovely, child-free, school pick-up-free day (thanks lovely husband) in Soho with my blogging buddy Lucy. Please make sure you check out Lucy's fab blog and show her some Virtual love, k? K!

I started my day by dropping off the boy at school, then onto my ladies walking group and a cool 6.5 mile walk along the river. I ran some errands then headed home for a quick change and I was then headed into town  - once I had broken through the hordes of people who descend upon my neighbourhood at this time of year (Wimbledon - gah! I'm no fan of tennis and even less of a fan of not being able to walk through my own village!).

I met up with the lovely Lucy (you remember her from above right?) and we had a spot of lunch at Ed's Easy Diner - a Soho classic, where it all started. Stomachs suitably lined we popped round the corner for the Not on the Highstreet Christmas in July press event.
I simply adore NOTHS - who doesn't love gorgeous, hand-picked, unique and often personalised gifts?!

Now, y'all remember how much I love Christmas don't you? You remember that it's not just a regular amount - it's actually a silly amount, so the combo of today's event was right up my (not on the) highstreet (sorry I couldn't resist that one).

Three floors of festive fever (say that three times fast) greeted us, and my letter to Father Christmas was being mentally formed as I wandered round..along with a Christmas shopping list for everyone else - there was truly something for all the family. 

Now I'm pretty much going to let the pictures do the talking...

I'm so in love with this scarf. I want, ney - need this in my life!

Personalised jewellery gallore - plus having your children's artwork etched onto a pendent - totes adorbs!
Lucy and I were in our element given our mutual love obsession for rose gold/copper
Truly gifts for all tastes and ages - am I too old for a cardboard fort? 

Honeywell Bakes - totally fabulous cookies which taste as good as they look. Created by the lovely Rebecca, who has a sister named Rhiannon, who has always complained of never being able to find things with her name on like other people. Now - this is really strange because my name is Rhiannon (hi!) and my sister's name is Rebecca - crazy no? Plus I have always been sad because no shops ever had things with my name on them. Well this lovely lady understood my plight and gifted me my very own Rhiannon cookie - as well as this supercute polar bear. (The fact that my boy scoffed both of these is by the by). You should definitely check these out - the packaging has the cutest illustrations on it!

An awesome gin related light up piece

Look - A&R for Rhia and Alex. There really were a lot of coincidences around for me!

After the event and armed with generous goodie bags....alcohol+sweets=awesome. Plus my very own dinosaur succulent planter - the coolest thing ever!

We headed round the corner to the legendary Bar Italia for coffee and a chat - thanks Luce - I owe you an espresso or two ;) It was really great putting the world to rights and having a good gossip. 

After a wander through Soho and a random mooch around a Japanese supermarket we parted ways and I headed home to my boys, having clocked up an impressive 11.2miles - not bad for an average Thursday I reckon. 

School has now officially finished for the year and my lovely boy received a glowing report and was even presented with an award for sport in a prize-giving ceremony today. I'm excited for the holidays and I'm looking forward to a slower pace of life so much and I have lots of lovely posts lined up for you once I'm back from our trip to Spain. 

See you on the other side peeps. ¡Hasta luego! 

Many thanks to the lovely people at NOTHS for having me :)

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Humble Herb Garden

If you know me, you will know that I am not the most green-fingered of individuals but I do adore plants, flowers and nature. Our garden is a mixture or wild growing borders and some of my prized pots which hold the bulbs and plants which I try my best to keep alive!

There came a day earlier this month when my boy and I were cooking and I was explaining to him what root vegetables were and which herbs I usually use in our food.

Cue one million questions from him because he is wonderfully inquisitive and before I knew it I had suggested that he grow his own herbs.

This meant I had to do lots of reading to make sure I knew what kind of environment they would need, the ideal soil/compost etc. 

So off we went to the garden centre, found some window boxes and selected our plants. 
Firstly they needed a good water (with his new caterpillar watering can)

The next day we got down and dirty and planted the herbs. N also wrote labels for all the plants so we knew which was which. 

Planting in the back garden
We selected: basil, coriander, curry, lemon balm, thyme and chives.

We also chose some bee-friendly plants like lavender because N has been learning about the importance of bees at school and is very keen to help keep them happy.

Lastly we chose a strawberry plant - because strawberries are yummy :)
Sticky out concentration tongue!
My boy loves to "display" things at the moment

Look how happy he is

That cheeky face!

It was so much fun plotting and executing this project with my boy - fun and educational (everyday's a school day!) 
I think it's really important to teach N where his food comes from and how we should care about our natural world and this has been a lovely way to do that. 

From inside looking out - gorgeously green
The window boxes look gorgeous at the front of our house and it makes the whole place look inviting - the smell is gorgeous and the bees are definitely a-buzzing with happiness - mission accomplished! Now all we have to do is pick some and get cooking. 

Have you embarked on a fun project in the garden with your little ones? I love to hear all about it. 
Until the next time....

Monday, 1 June 2015

My Birthday 2015 are we all feeling? It's June already if you can believe it?! My birthday was at the end of May and this year my boys went all out in spoiling me - I am one lucky girl!!

I thought I would just share a load of pics with you so you can see how my day panned out.

Things kicked off as it turned midnight and my wonderful husband surprised me with one of my favourites - profiteroles - birthday style. 
Next up was breakfast in bed with beautifully handwritten cards from my clever boy. 
Wrapping paper with my favourite theme. 
In the evening I was presented with not one, but two birthday cakes since they couldn't decide which I would like better - they chose correctly (two cakes are better than one!)

Wonderful gifts from my boys and my family.
I've been lusting after many of these things for some time so I am very lucky indeed.

Alex whisked me away for a luxury afternoon tea at Sketch, Mayfair - utterly fabulous. 
My favourite colours - dusky pink and rose gold/copper. 
Incredible features around the whole room - plus the quirky, space age loos!!

Amazing table, awesome crockery. 
The teacup is perfect!!
The tea!

The theme of the tea was Into The Woods
The savoury offerings were both plentiful and divine!

Sweet treats - plain scone (I loathe fruit scones so this pleased me greatly)
Look at the cute religieuse dressed as Little Red Riding Hood

My lovely brothers bought me decadent macarons all the way from Belgium.
Me and my love down in the tube station at midday (get the song reference).
After tea we took a romantic stroll through Mayfair, The Burlington Arcade for window shopping (a girl can dream!!) and ended up at Fortnum & Mason for a little bit of shopping.

Then it was back home to my boy.
He had a whale of a time spending the afternoon with my brother (his best buddy).
We so enjoyed our child-free time but were really happy to get back to him so he could help us celebrate. 

What an incredibly perfect day - a huge, huge thank you to the wonderful men in my life for doing all this for me. I love you all. 

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